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Tag: Technology

Thoughts about last night’s Microsoft event

Scratching beneath the Surface Microsoft, these days, in addition to creating software, is also working to bringing a new flavor to the hardware that we’ve been working with for years and I like the direction they are going in (except that that direction runs on Windows). Every October, Panos Panay takes…

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WTF?! Samsung’s Gear IconX wireless earbuds have some pretty un-icon-y battery life

I’m a huge fan of what Samsung has been doing with their wearables lately (I really like the Gear S2 and Gear Fit 2 and would surely consider them is they were compatible with iOS. The bulky and heavy Gear S3 that they recently launched, that’s another story altogether.). That’s…

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See you on the 7th: What to expect from and where to watch Apple’s fall event

It’s a beautiful day today. Apple is holding their fall press event today in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic auditorium and that means that we’ll be showered with Apple product and software goodies. And with all the rumors and speculation that abounds the tech circles this year, this one is…

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Three things I want to hear Apple talk about during today’s event

It’s Apple’s fall event day (‘See you on the 7th’ event day, for purists) today and that means since I woke up, 83% of my mental faculties have been dedicated to musing, daydreaming and over-thinking about all that we’ll see and hear tonight while desperately waiting for said night to…

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Garmin’s newly announced Forerunner 35 is a runner’s delight

I’m obsessed with technology. And after seeing the tip of the weighing scale move towards making obtuse angles, I have taken a liking towards getting fitter. So, now, whenever I hear about a new device that promises to help my fitness, I go bananas. I’ve already owned a few (starting…

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