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Motorola has lost what made it special and has become just another Android-device manufacturer now

I bought a Moto G4 to use as my secondary phone at the beginning of this month. Being a technology enthusiast (addict, if you ask the people I’m close to), I’m a sucker for software updates and was eagerly awaiting news about the Nougat update for Motorola devices. Motorola, traditionally,…

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I think Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) might be the best Samsung phone to buy this year

Man, is it tough for flagship smartphones out there this year! While they are not exploding or scratching or making people live without 100-year audio ports, they are having to compete with ‘flagship-killers’ – smartphones which pack specs and performance as good as those of flagships at a price which…

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PSA: Buy any other phone, but not the Samsung Galaxy J2

For all my respect for Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy Note 7 and excitement for the work Samsung is doing in the wearables space, the Korean giant has just stabbed me through the heart with its Galaxy J2 2016. Seeing the success of last year’s Samsung Galaxy J2 and latest…

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