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When it comes to wearables, 2017 is going to be all about Apple, Fitbit and Samsung

2016 has been a very interesting year for wearables. While fitness trackers have prospered, smartwatches have fallen behind (so much so that, like with the iPad and the market for tablets, the market for smartwatches might soon become a market for just Apple Watches). Even Fitbit, considered the king of…

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Google Pixel sells more than the Nexus 6P did in its first week

The fine folks over at Android Authority wrote about the Google Pixel’s growth rate in the first week after its birth, the other day. Mobile marketing company Appboy claims that the week-one adoption rate of both the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones are greater than that of the…

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I think Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) might be the best Samsung phone to buy this year

Man, is it tough for flagship smartphones out there this year! While they are not exploding or scratching or making people live without 100-year audio ports, they are having to compete with ‘flagship-killers’ – smartphones which pack specs and performance as good as those of flagships at a price which…

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WTF?! Samsung’s Gear IconX wireless earbuds have some pretty un-icon-y battery life

I’m a huge fan of what Samsung has been doing with their wearables lately (I really like the Gear S2 and Gear Fit 2 and would surely consider them is they were compatible with iOS. The bulky and heavy Gear S3 that they recently launched, that’s another story altogether.). That’s…

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PSA: Buy any other phone, but not the Samsung Galaxy J2

For all my respect for Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy Note 7 and excitement for the work Samsung is doing in the wearables space, the Korean giant has just stabbed me through the heart with its Galaxy J2 2016. Seeing the success of last year’s Samsung Galaxy J2 and latest…

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Samsung has finally gotten me excited, but not for its phones

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 yesterday. And while the control freak side of me can’t forgive the jump from Note 5 to Note 7 (to bring consistency to the naming convention the South Korean company established with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, or, if you believe a few conspiracy…

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