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Apple made a mistake with naming their new MacBook Pros

I have been thinking a lot over the last week about Apple’s ‘Hello Again’ event, the announcements they made and the subsequent outpouring of anger towards them. I don’t agree with most of the points that are being brought up as part of that uproar but there are a few…

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Does Apple deserve the criticisms being leveled at it lately?

They could’ve avoided at least one of the three big ones, though   Apple held an event and a lot of people lost their minds. Sound familiar? That’s because this phenomenon is a regular occurrence among us, the technology nerds. The sun might not come up the next day but…

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The top 5 things that Apple will do in 2016 (based on heard rumors)

4 inch iPhones to rule the world! Call it the iPhone 6c or 7c, say that it’ll be launched in March or September, but the rumors about Apple re-launching a 4 inch iPhone refuse to die. And, I think, it does make sense from Apple’s perspective. With every phone today…

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