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Apple announces the ‘Ring in the New Year’ Activity challenge

My Apple Watch (one which I bought 11 months after its release) is a gift that just keeps giving. I love the look and feel of it and wear it for 15 hours every day. Filling all three Activity Rings is achieved with religious fervour and I’d like to believe…

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When it comes to wearables, 2017 is going to be all about Apple, Fitbit and Samsung

2016 has been a very interesting year for wearables. While fitness trackers have prospered, smartwatches have fallen behind (so much so that, like with the iPad and the market for tablets, the market for smartwatches might soon become a market for just Apple Watches). Even Fitbit, considered the king of…

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#InTheNews: Fitness tracking on a budget is in! Xiaomi sells 10 million Mi Bands in 9 months

Xiaomi, that Chinese manufacturer whose products look like those of all those other Chinese manufacturers but are known and desired because they are even cheaper than those other Chinese manufacturers’ and whose dirt-cheap flash sales (Rs. 1 for a Mi Band, for example) are notorious for making you wait a…

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