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When it comes to wearables, 2017 is going to be all about Apple, Fitbit and Samsung

2016 has been a very interesting year for wearables. While fitness trackers have prospered, smartwatches have fallen behind (so much so that, like with the iPad and the market for tablets, the market for smartwatches might soon become a market for just Apple Watches). Even Fitbit, considered the king of…

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My current MacBook Air might be the last ‘computer’ I own

When I got my first computer in 2002, the word ‘computer’ meant something else. You had to buy a separate table with various drawers to accommodate the off white behemoth with a CRT monitor, a big-ass cabinet to hold the CPU, a keyboard bulkier than the ultraportable laptops we own…

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One reason why I’m afraid Google Assistant will beat Siri – IFTTT

The AI assistant wars are heating up and with last month’s Google event, Google let their gladiator, Google Assistant, out in the ring. While it still has a lot of kinks in its armour (I’ll be penning down my thoughts about it in detail and comparing it to Siri –…

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Apple made a mistake with naming their new MacBook Pros

I have been thinking a lot over the last week about Apple’s ‘Hello Again’ event, the announcements they made and the subsequent outpouring of anger towards them. I don’t agree with most of the points that are being brought up as part of that uproar but there are a few…

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Does Apple deserve the criticisms being leveled at it lately?

They could’ve avoided at least one of the three big ones, though   Apple held an event and a lot of people lost their minds. Sound familiar? That’s because this phenomenon is a regular occurrence among us, the technology nerds. The sun might not come up the next day but…

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Thoughts about last night’s Microsoft event

Scratching beneath the Surface Microsoft, these days, in addition to creating software, is also working to bringing a new flavor to the hardware that we’ve been working with for years and I like the direction they are going in (except that that direction runs on Windows). Every October, Panos Panay takes…

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