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Category: Technology

Samsung has finally gotten me excited, but not for its phones

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 yesterday. And while the control freak side of me can’t forgive the jump from Note 5 to Note 7 (to bring consistency to the naming convention the South Korean company established with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, or, if you believe a few conspiracy…

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iOS wishlist – Being able to access the app switcher by using 3D Touch on the right side of the screen

iOS 10 is coming! We are just a few weeks away from WWDC 2016 and irrespective of new hardware being announced, one thing that the Cupertino giant will surely showcase is the latest iteration of its mobile-device operating system. And like any true-to-his/her-salt geek will have, I have a (albeit…

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The first 10 apps that you should install on your new phone

So, you got a new smartphone. So, you are excited to explore its full potential and show it off to your friends and family. But you know what makes these phones ‘smart’ in today’s times? The apps that they run. When Apple introduced the App Store and the concept of…

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