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Getting back on the horse!

Hi there!

It’s been a while since we talked. I have been meaning to write on Life In Technocolor for a while now. A lot of factors have led to this hiatus. For starters, I moved almost all the way across the world since the last time I wrote. My last post was published when I was in Mumbai, India. Well, I live in Toronto, Canada, now. I believe that’s a good reason to justify the absence of posts on this website. And when you consider that I was starting a new life here (Canada is awesome, Toronto is awesome!) – settling down, finding a job, finding a home, getting a driver’s license (you won’t believe, the last one takes forever!) – I just wasn’t able to focus on writing on Life In Technocolor (or anywhere else, for that matter – my Facebook and Twitter profiles have been ghost towns for a while).

That said, things have settled down now (as much as they can, anyway). I have a home, a good job, got the first level of my driver’s license (seriously, can’t stress enough how long the process takes!), and I can now get back to writing about all things life and technology.

And boy is there a lot to write about! From Nintendo Switch becoming such a big deal in gaming to Google’s many fumbles with the Pixel 2 XL. From the utter coolness of iPhone X to.. whatever the Justice League movie is. There is a lot to talk about! I even reignited my interest in Pokémon and have played 3 core games of the series on my 2DS (fortunately for my wallet, the 2DS has been my only technology purchase in the last six months). The floodgates are about to open, guys! Get ready!

I plan to write about, as usual, what catches my attention, in the world of technology. Not just bland facts that everyone writes about, but my spin on how I see that technology and the impact it’ll have (on the small and large scales). I live in Canada now, a country full of awesomeness. So, do expect some posts about life here and my perspective on it. Also, as it is ‘my’ website, I’ll write about anything else I feel like ;).

500-word posts, 3-4 times a week. Coming soon. (Gets busy saddling the horse)

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