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My Apple Watch Set-up – May 2017

In March 2017, I sold my 1st gen Apple Watch (the one I said I wouldn’t sell for another year) because I moved to Android. I lived life with Android Wear on a Moto 360 Sport and a Fitbit Alta (I have a lot fo say about them, stay tuned) for a couple of months before coming back to an Apple Watch (Series 1, this time), last Thursday.

Now that I have lived life with three different wearable platforms (four, if you count the now defunct Pebble), I know exactly what I want from my wrist-worn-wearable (spoiler alert: it is fitness tracking, notifications and some conveniently-placed information in as simple a manner as possible). This reflects in the way I have set up my new Apple Watch.

Simplicity is the name of the game as I have just one watchface configured. No prizes for guessing, it is an Activity watchface, more specifically, the digital one. I’m addicted to the Activity Rings on my Apple Watch and filling them daily is something that gives me immense satisfaction and happiness. Hence, they are, literally, the biggest part of my current Apple Watch set-up. Adorning the sides of the watchface the complications for the date (convenient information), weather (I’m using Apple’s weather app because it works pretty well without wanting my location the whole day like Carrot which leads to crappy battery life on my iPhone) and the world clock (because I’m moving to Toronto in a couple of weeks and need to know the local time there to be able to connect with people). I use a few built-in apps regularly and they’ve been given place in the dock. The Workout app (of course) and the Timer and Alarm apps take space there, in addition to the always-there music control widget, so that they are just a press and a tap away when I need them. As I said, right now, I don’t have even one third-party app installed. They just don’t fit into how I want to use my Apple Watch. I haven’t accessed the honeycomb app-maze on my Apple Watch even once. Maybe it is because I’ve been using the Apple Watch for just a few days but I highly doubt that. Let’s see if that changes over the next few weeks. In terms of notifications, I have allowed all apps to notify me except my Mail (I don’t need my emails on my wrist, that’d be being too connected even by my standards). I have been replying to messages using the excellent Scribble feature (and it works really fast, now that I’m using a Series 1 model) and have consciously tried to not ignore Breathe reminders and take a minute out of what I’m doing to take a few deep breaths.

And that’s it. That’s literally all I have on my Apple Watch right now. I’ll keep sharing updates if any, about my Apple Watch set-up and, will also talk about my set-ups on my other devices and would love to know about your set-ups on all the devices you use.

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