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The 50 best iOS games of 2016

A few days back, one of the technology blogs that I have followed since I got my first iPhone in 2011, AppAdvice, put together their list of the 50 best iOS games from 2016. In addition to getting a big ‘awesomesauce!’ out of me for the layout, design and the overall quality of the list, the article got me thinking about my favorite iOS games from last year.

Though I did write a couple of posts about a few of the games from 2016 I played, I’m not much of a mobile gamer. I, usually, download a game that I like (free, mostly, because I’m always scared that I won’t play it much and lose money), play it for a couple of days, forget I have it on my device, and then delete it because my device is running out of storage (Yes! I still own iOS devices with only 16GB storage!). Plus, I got my first ever gaming console last year, leading to even fewer hours spent playing games on my iOS devices. That said, I did play and really like a few games and a few of them were also showcased in AppAdvice’s list (I actually remembered that I had played a couple of them after I looked at the list). Here’s my list of the iOS games from last year that I really liked and played the most:

  1. Pokemon Go (stood in the middle of heavy traffic at 10:30 in the night while it was raining because someone had placed a lure module there. Need I say more?)
  2. Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari (I really do like endless runners)
  3. Super Stickman Golf 3 (completed most of it)
  4. Human Resource Machine (learnt a bit of coding while playing this one, what’s not to like?)
  5. Reigns (laughed out loud the most while playing)
  6. Deus Ex Go (loved Lara Croft Go, one of the very few games I actually completed. Downloaded Dues Ex Go after it and it doesn’t disappoint)
  7. New Star Cricket (I’m Indian!) (plus, it is one of the better Cricket sims out there)
  8. Kolcki (It seems I like puzzle games a lot too; I don’t know why AppAdvice didn’t feature this one)

There are a few more that I had my eye on but didn’t end up playing in 2016. Here they are:

  1. Mini Metro
  2. Party Hard Go
  3. Train Conductor World
  4. Batman – The Telltale Series (bought it on my Xbox)
  5. Concrete Jungle
  6. Chameleon Run (it is an endless runner, of course I want to play it)


  1. Glad to read this article about ios games…It’s helpfull for me..i m really impressed with your post..
    Keep sharing.!!

    • Aniket Sharma Aniket Sharma

      Thank you so much for the kind words..

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