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Apple announces the ‘Ring in the New Year’ Activity challenge

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My Apple Watch (one which I bought 11 months after its release) is a gift that just keeps giving. I love the look and feel of it and wear it for 15 hours every day. Filling all three Activity Rings is achieved with religious fervour and I’d like to believe that since I got one, I have gotten healthier. Filling these Activity Rings and earning the badges that accompany them daily adds to the charm of the Apple Watch and ensures that things never feel stale (something which a lot of fitness trackers fail to achieve and hence, end up at the back of the drawer after a couple of weeks of use). From time to time, Apple gets in the game too and takes it to the next level through special badges which can be achieved on specific days with specific activities (they did so on Thanksgiving in North America where walking or running 5k on that day would unlock a special badge; I wish they had done something like that on Diwali in India too). I have been a huge proponent of gamification to ensure people keep moving and working towards achieving their activity goals. I like the hourly reminders to stand up on my Apple Watch, the badges are great and as I said, there is something extremely satisfying and rewarding seeing the three rings get filled up. I like my Fitbit Alta’s hourly messages to walk 250 steps and the ‘party on my wrist’ as I reach my daily step goal even more. So, needless to say, I got super excited when, after putting my Apple Watch on my wrist today morning, I saw the notification about a new Activity challenge from Apple.

Dubbed ‘Ring In The New Year’, the Apple Watch challenge is to fill in all three Activity Rings every day of a week (Monday to Sunday). As there are 4 weeks in January, there’ll be 4 chances to beat the challenge (the challenge begins on January 2nd, probably taking into consideration the hungover state that people will be on the 1st). What’s the reward you ask? A shiny special edition Activity badge, a slew of iMessage stickers and the feeling of great accomplishment because you started your 2017 fitness journey on the right foot!

I’ll be out and about, working towards achieving this badge in the first week of January itself. What about you?

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