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Reaction to the new 13-inch MacBook Pro


I found this hilarious post on John Gruber’s blog, Daring Fireball. It’s about a reaction to the ‘new’ 13-inch MacBook Pro that someone had posted.

Well, I’m sure I’ll be attacked for this, but I’m gonna say it anyway:

Tiny harddrive, barely enough RAM (and not upgradable to the “enough” level), no dedicated graphics, only dual-core processors. It certainly isn’t bad, but Apple just took the “pro” out of the 13-inch line. And come on – it’s freaking expensive. […]

The 13” is NOT a pro device in my opinion. It’s more like a beefed-up and slightly heavier MacBook Air. For that, it just costs way too much.

There is a twist in the tale, though. This is a comment that someone had posted 4 years ago! Yes, this comment was a disgruntled fan reacting to the release of the upgraded MacBook Pro in 2012, the last major redesign this specific notebook saw.

In light of everything that I have read on various forums over the course of the last 9 days since Apple announced the new MacBook Pros, I had to share this. It is a nice closing argument before I stop talking about the criticisms people are bombarding at these new notebooks. We see these every time Apple makes even the slightest of changes to their products, be it in design, software or their internals. Everyone complains a lot (case in point, the removal of the headphone jack in iPhone 7), a lot of man-hours are spent spewing vitriol about Apple and how they don’t care about their customers and how they are doomed now that customers will surely migrate to the competition (Android and Windows, to be specific). At the end of it all, though, Apple still sells a boatload of their newest and shiniest product and takes home a bucketload of cash (last time I checked, they are the most valuable company in the world). There are some things that only Apple offers, the most cohesive user experience being one of them. That said, Apple, in no way, is without flaws and has been doing a lot of un-Apple stuff lately (especially around their Macs and Siri) and does need to get its act together in a better way.  

The circle of life, folks. See you in a year or so when Apple removes something else from some other product and we all lose our collective shit.

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