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Google Pixel sells more than the Nexus 6P did in its first week


The fine folks over at Android Authority wrote about the Google Pixel’s growth rate in the first week after its birth, the other day.

Mobile marketing company Appboy claims that the week-one adoption rate of both the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones are greater than that of the Nexus 6P. The Google Pixel has reached 0.016% of the smartphone market share after the first week, while the Pixel XL achieved 0.020%. The Nexus 6P took more than two weeks to hit the same level.

Appboy analyzed more than 100 million apps on devices between October 20 and October 27 to ascertain the figures. It’s speculated that the number of sales would have been even higher were the Pixels not restrained by Google and Verizon’s stock volumes.

Pixel comparison 1.png

The growth rate for the Pixel and Pixel XL after their first week on sale reached 274% and 158% respectively. Though the Pixel’s week-one growth rate far exceeded that of both Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, it represents nowhere near the same overall market share that the Korean company’s major flagships achieved across the same period.

Well, Google did invest a lot of money in marketing these Pixel phones. From huge hoardings all around us to ensuring that it creates the right buzz about these phones through influencers on Twitter and other forms of social media, Google is paying attention to these phones like it never did to the ‘much loved by Android fans but not known to anyone else’ Nexus phones. Though the market share of Google’s newest phones (their first attempt controlling both hardware and software) is peanuts compared to Samsung’s, the juggernaut of the Android market, they have started off on the right foot. A superb camera and a cohesiveness between hardware and software unheard of in Android circles (and Apple’s area of expertise, previously) sets these premium Android phones apart. I’ll penning down my thoughts about the Google Pixel soon and although I still don’t see why one should spend upwards of $650 (INR 57k in India) for any phone, I do respect what Google has done here. If this story pans out how Google wants it to, next year’s fight for the best smartphone might be between the iPhone and the next version of Google’s Pixel, both phones with both, hardware and software, developed and optimised by the same company.

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