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Evaluating MacBook Pro’s competitors


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week or so (which you might have been, considering that the US elections are just a couple of days away), you’d have heard about how Apple held an event at their 1, Infinite Loop campus (probably the last event they’ll ever hold there) and brought the redesigned MacBook Pros out for the whole world to see (they killed the MacBook Air, my favourite, too, for those keeping count). If you have heard this bit, you’d have also heard the negativity surrounding these new notebooks. Criticisms have ranged from Apple not caring about their customers’ convenience because they replaced all ports with USB-C to the MacBook Pros not being powerful enough to justify the ‘Pro’ tag. People have also been going on about how they’ll switch to Windows now because the MacBook Pros aren’t doing it for them in the specs department. So, if you are disgruntled with Apple’s efforts from last week, what are the other options you have out there in the market? Are they any good?

The Verge did make a guide around this but my friend, Matt Birchler, went one step ahead and took it to the next level. He took all the options listed by the people at The Verge and created a comparison sheet for the versions of those laptops with the highest-end specs they offer.

I totally appreciate being upset with the MacBook Pro’s specs, but I wanted to know what Windows machines are so much more powerful that you would tolerate using Windows over macOS exclusively for the specs.

The Verge made a helpful guide for the best professional Windows laptops you can buy if you are a disgruntled pro Mac user. Their piece was a nice summary of what each manufacturer offers, but didn’t dive deep into the specs.

I took the MacBook Pro (13 and 15 inch models) as well as all the machines listed by The Verge and maxed them out for the ultimate pro experience. Money is no object, so each laptop has every available feature and upgrade applied.

Macbook comparison 1.png

As I expected, the MacBook Pro matches up with (if not outright beats) every other laptop out there in terms of all specs except price, where it is costlier than all of the other options except Microsoft’s Surface Book. But hey, pros don’t care about money as long as they get the performance, based on what I’ve been told. Add in the benchmarking-breaking read-write speeds of the new MacBooks and the kind of cohesiveness between hardware and software that you can only get from Apple, the new MacBook Pros still rule the laptop-kingdom. Plus all the other laptops run Windows (ugh!).

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