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Games you should play: DC Legends


In the battle between Marvel and DC, usually, Marvel makes good movies and DC makes good games. And it has been like this for quite a while (hopefully, the movies bit changes with the Wonder Woman movie and the LEGO Batman movie). In the last few years, DC games have won acclaim from both, critics and fans (the same cannot be said about their movies, though). There’s the Arkham series of action games, where you don Batman’s cowl to take on and beat the shit out of all the rogues troubling Gotham. There’s also the Injustice fighting game, where you just beat the shit out of every other superhero and villain. And this week, DC introduced DC Legends, a mobile-first RPG where you get to assemble your own Justice League (or Legion Of Doom or Suicide Squad) to take on a threat bigger than any hero or villain has ever seen.

I’m a fan of both, Marvel and DC, and follow everything comic-book, from their TV shows to their games. I downloaded DC Legends a couple of days back and have been playing it in small doses since. It’s a take on DC’s famous ‘Blackest Night’ run of comic books where heroes and villains had to let go of their rivalries and team up to stop a bigger threat. I absolutely love material based on such scenarios. I was a big fan of the X-Men Legends game from 10 years back which brought the X-Men and the brotherhood of mutants together to take on Apocalypse. So, DC Legends began on the right foot for me. As a game too, it does quite well. It’s not too complicated and can be enjoyed in small doses, as mobile-first games should. You start off with a team of 3 heroes/villains and then unlock your favourite heroes and villains as you move ahead in the story. You can upgrade them to your heart’s content and unlock new abilities. With every upgrade, you change their look slightly and the goal is to upgrade your favourite heroes/villains to ‘legendary’ status where they become their most powerful. I haven’t experienced the story much, but based on what I’ve read, it is quite good. Other than that, the graphics and the sounds are quite good and you get to stomp around some of DC’s most iconic locations (from Metropolis to Themyscira). And who doesn’t want The Flash, Batman and Superman to team up and beat the crap out of some manhunters!

DC’s characters are some of the most iconic and recognisable ever and DC Legends has brought them all together for a fun and story-driven romp. RPG and strategy elements are usually my favourite parts in mobile games and DC Legends does well there. Add in the great visuals, sounds and the sheer thrill of dispatching enemies with The Flash’s speed-vortex, this one is going to be a great experience for all DC fans.



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