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What your Apple Watch Activity Rings say about you


I’m an ‘everyday athlete’. Well, 4 days out of 7. The other days, it seems that I’m ‘captain hungover’ (even though I’m a teetotaler).


There’s a great piece over at my favorite wearable-news website, punnily named Wareable, about the categories that Apple Watch owners fall into, based on the status of their Activity Rings at the end of the day. It’s a fun and informative read and I can associate with most of the observations there.

Take a peek at anyone’s rings (stop it!) and it’s amazing what you can detect about their daily approach to fitness and their lifestyle. And you don’t need to be an expert to do it either. Here’s what your Apple Activity Rings might be revealing about you.

According to them, the categories that an Apple Watch owner can fall into, based on their activity levels are,

One-workout warrior – Been there a couple of times, especially when I’m travelling or when I used to have busy days in office. This one’s basically about those people who don’t move around much during the day but exercise early morning or in the evening leading to filled Move and Exercise rings but partly empty Stand rings.

Drive-in desk jockey – I’ve experienced this on days when I go out in the evenings. I can’t sit at one place for long so I end up standing without any help from my Apple Watch. But, usually, my exercise happens in the evenings. So, in the days when I miss my exercise, my Stand ring is full but the Move and Exercise rings are severely lacking.

Everyday athlete – This is where I try be most of the days of the week. As you can imagine, this one requires filled rings for all three, Move, Exercise and Stand goals.

Captain Hungover – I’m not proud of it but there are days when I get too lazy (the evils of working from home) and just give up on my Activity Rings (usually around noon, with all three rings filled just a bit). Don’t need to drink to be hungover here, I guess.  

And then there are the ‘Left Watch at home’ and ‘New parent’ categories which I can’t associate with (because I’m not a new parent and I can never imagine leaving my tech at home).

What do you think, fellow Apple Watch wearers? Can you see yourself falling in any of these categories? Let me know in the comments below..

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