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My thoughts about the Moov HR


Heart-rate tracking mooving in the right direction

I own a Moov Now, that little puck of a fitness tracker that not only tracks your movement during running, cycling, swimming or bodyweight strength training well but also coaches you to be able to perform the above-mentioned activities better. I bought one in December 2015 and use it regularly for running training and cardio boxing (it also has daily activity and sleep tracking built in but I don’t use it for those). In fact, I think that out of all the wearables that I have bought, the Moov Now has given me the most value for money (it sells for INR 4,299 on Amazon right now, in fact). The other day, I got an email announcing the Moov HR, Moov’s next fitness tracker and trainer with heart-rate tracking, and I literally jumped out of bed. If my experience with the Moov Now is anything to go by, Moov HR is going to be awesome!

From my perspective, it already is. Even 4 months before it actually ships (they are taking pre-orders right now and plan to ship it in February). The only reason I didn’t order one right away is because they are charging a $20 shipping fees to places outside the US (that shipping fees vanishes if you order two Moov HRs but I don’t need that many right now. Let me know in the comments if someone is interesting in getting one too. We could order two together). But why am I getting worked up for another fitness tracking wearable? Because, I think that this could be ‘the’ fitness tracking wearable for me.

I have maintained for some time that fitness training through heart-rate tracking is the way to go to achieve the best results. And I’m a fan of fitness trackers and software which do more than just record data and throw it in my face. I like my trackers and software helping me build a better life through useful insights and a bit of coaching. That is why the Moov Now was, and still is, a big deal for me. Getting inputs from Moov Now’s AI about my running form, how hard I’m landing while running, my pace, range of motion, etc., and the motivating audio cues to tell me that I’m on track to reach my goal have made it a trusted companion on every run of mine. I’ve been wanting to better track and use my heart-rate data for a while now but the truth is, wrist-based fitness trackers just can’t track heart-rate well enough. As my exercise gets more intense, the heart-rate reading that my Apple Watch gives out gets less trustworthy. I don’t mean to bash my Apple Watch (or any other fitness tracker) here, but because of the frequent movement of the arm (and by extension, the fitness tracker), the tracker just isn’t able to maintain constant contact with the skin to read heart-rate well. My personal experience around this is corroborated by research and even though the Apple Watch is one of the most accurate when it comes to heart-rate tracking, it still can’t compare to the accuracy of a chest strap. But chest straps are ugly and uncomfortable. That’s where, if everything goes well, the Moov HR, will swoop in and eat the cake, according to me.

The Moov HR comes with the sweatband or a swim cap and tucks into either. It is to be worn on the forehead where it can track heart-rate better because of the thinner skin around that part of the body and the relative lack of movement for the tracker, according to the company. In addition to a video showcasing the Moov HR, Moov also released a video showcasing the accuracy of the tracker’s heart-rate tracking capabilities. If those numbers are anything to go buy, the Moov HR will be a big deal. Add in heart-rate zone based voice-based coaching by Moov’s excellent AI (I can vouch of that excellence because of my 11 months using the Moov Now) and the relatively lower cost of the Moov HR (it can be pre-ordered for $59.95 – around INR 4,000 – and will ship for $99.99 – around INR 6,500), and the deal becomes even bigger.

I’m really excited to own a Moov HR and put it through its paces and in the process, hopefully, become fitter. Let’s see how the last bit goes.

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