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Games you should play – The Go Collection


I’m a casual mobile gamer in the truest sense. I don’t keep many games on my iOS devices (that’s partly because all my iOS devices are 16GB ones), I get stressed out really easily if I’m playing an action game, and I usually end up downloading and playing either puzzle games or endless runners (there was a phase in between where I was into Marvel Clash Of Champions, a one-on-one fighter game). The games that I’ve probably played the longest are Plants vs. Zombies (tower defence used to be my favorite kind of game for a long time) and Spider-man Unlimited (it’s a Spider-man endless runner, what’s not to like). Last week, after a long time of having an eye on them, I added Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go to my repertoire. Both of them are puzzle games, are developed by Square Enix (the developer of the Final Fantasy series), both are based on hugely successful action game franchises (which I’ll never get around to playing because ‘stress’) and both of these games reinvent the concept of the game that they are based on in a very refreshing manner. Best of all, they are available to download at a huge discount right now.

I have been playing Lara Croft Go since Friday, last week, and I’m hooked. It’s a turn-based puzzle game and feels like playing a very focused version of chess. I’ve read that puzzle-solving is a big part of the Tomb Raider franchise on consoles and Lara Croft Go takes the best bits of that to create a very compelling (and the right amount of challenging) puzzle game on iOS. It launched last year as a follow-up to the immensely successful Hitman Go (a puzzle-based take on the stealth game franchise, which launched in 2014) and was universally appreciated for its concept, gameplay and design. I can bet that everyone will find something to like in these two games and for the last couple of days, they have been as easy to acquire as possible. Both of them, which sell for INR 300 each ($4.99), are available for a very steep discount and are selling for INR 10 each ($0.99) these days. Even better, if you buy the two games as part of ‘The Go Collection’, you can lay your hands on both of them for INR 10. It really doesn’t get better than this, does it?

Time to go back to raiding tombs, killing giant spiders and being a puzzle-solving badass, in general.

The Go Collection for iOS –

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