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Download This: Google Photos


Google’s marketing has been on fire lately with Google Photos advertisements. They have been highlighting key features of the app (it frees up space on your phone, backs up your photos to the cloud automatically and you’ll never lose a photo because it has unlimited storage.) with great ads to boot. With iPad Mini 2 getting added to my suite of iDevices last month, I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘Your iCloud storage is almost full’ messages and between my devices’ backups on iCloud and the new features of iCloud Drive in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra (all files in the Desktop and Documents folders get stored in iCloud Drive and if your mac is running out of space, you can optimize its storage by it automatically storing your least used files on iCloud Drive), there is absolutely no place for the >1000 photos I have to be backed up (why Apple still gives someone who owns 4 of their devices only 5 GB of iCloud storage space is a topic for another day, though.). So, I have given Google Photos another spin and I believe that it is a must-download for anyone who wants to back up their photos to the cloud and it should be a compulsory download for people with phones which have 16 GB storage or less.

Why do I feel so? Well, let’s let Google Photos’ advertisements explain that for me.

1. It frees up space on your phone

No more explaining needed. As an owner of a 16GB iPhone, though, I can vouch for the too high frequency of that ‘storage full’ alert!

2. You’ll always have access to all your photos

I’ve used 4 phones in the last 2 years (Nexus 5, LG G3, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s Plus, in that order) and have clicked photos on each. I know I can carry those photos forward to my new device by backing them up and restoring from that backup (there is also a good Move to iOS app from Apple if one is moving from Android to iOS and doesn’t want to lose their data and photos) but I like to start afresh with each device I use. This has led to my current phone having pictures from only October last year. When I re-downloaded Google Photos a couple of days back, I was able to access photos from as far back as 2013, the first time I used Google Photos with my Nexus 5. That cross-platform nature and the fact that Google Photos gives me unlimited storage if I let it optimize my photos to 16MP, makes it the winner for me.

3. Bonus – It lets my family have a common photo library

iOS does have family sharing (it is a timeline-like view where family members can share photos with each other. But, what if my wife and I want to have a common photo library. Google Photos comes to the rescue. We signed in using my Google ID on both our phones and now we have one place where all our photos are stored. No sending photos to each other after every trip.

So, go ahead and give Google Photos a try. You won’t regret it, I’m sure.

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